A Bit About Me

It has been three years since I started high school and yet, nothing feels like it has changed. I'm now a senior with no concrete clue of where I'm heading. The future seems foggy as I am being forced to pursue the medical field and the pressure that I've known for years hasn't subsided since middle school. There's so many colleges to choose from and even will all the time I have left it's going to run out before I know it. The challenge comes with standing up to what they want me to be and pushing to be myself. There's only one thing that has made feel like I belong: the arts. Ever since I saw a theatre performance at my school (as shown above), I was hooked. In my theatre class, I am able to embody the character of whoever I'm scripted to play. Despite not understanding social cues or how to properly communicate with others, on the stage it is not that way. On the stage I can shine.  In dance, all of the anger I feel daily washes away. The genre of son

Syllabus Reflection

The moment I saw that this course was available I was very excited. My dad had previously told me his experiences in media studies, exploring and researching the wide genre of national and international films. I knew I wanted to take this class from that very moment. As you can tell from the drawings I created above, I'm very split on how to feel. I am looking forward to studying different types of camera shots, how movement is incorporated to enhance the film, behind the scenes process in editing shots, and how sound is created to amplify what is being projected. Due to storyboarding also being a part of filmmaking, I can finally learn how it is properly done. However, I'm very nervous about collaborating with other students. I have never been very good at fitting in with a group and have always been the shadow of others. The final product that we are making has to be made individually, which puts more pressure on me who has a lot of trouble with relying on myself to get the t


Hello, my name is Brianna and this is my introductory blog post. The objective of this blog is to outline the planning and research process of the media product I will create. I have chosen to create a film at a maximum of two minutes for my AICE media studies coursework. Editing videos, creating a visually appealing layout, creating instrumentals, and drawing storyboards are some of the skills that will come as an advantage during the creation process. From this experience, I will acquire skills in analyzing media pieces, conducting research, operating with technology, collaborating with other students, and obtaining a better understanding of everyday media around me. Main Task: -Film must last a maximum of two minutes. -Images, text, and sound (such as dialogue and ambiance) that are incorporated must be originally produced by the candidate. -The soundtrack may be taken from external sources. Welcome image above is originally created.